Monday, January 1, 2007

Sperm Donor Information

NOTE: My status as a donor is currently inactive.

My underlying motivation in becoming a sperm donor is to help a select few achieve their dreams of having children.

People who know that I am open to donating my sperm often ask me why I am. For me, a key reward in becoming a donor is knowing I've helped fulfill someone's dream of having a child safely and privately. As a donor, I do not have any interest in retaining parental rights. Should I donate my sperm, the full custody and responsibility of the child will be upon the recipient. Personal information can be kept confidential to assure the security of both parties.

Before you contact me, please make certain you:

Are serious about looking for a donor. You have thought long and hard about having a child, and have decided you want sperm as soon as possible—not next Christmas or six months from now.

Are aware of your responsibility in being a recipient with full rights and responsibilities to any child you bring into this world.

Are viable, healthy and confident you will not pass any major hereditary diseases to your child.

Are willing and able to compensate me for my time and effort, if need be.

If you find yourself in agreement with the above prerequisites, I invite you to get in contact with me. My basic donor information, along with physical measurements and documentation have been provided below.


Name: Marc Adrian
Age: 39
Type: Caucasian
Ethnic influences: Irish, English and Native American
Height: 6.0'
Weight: 168 pounds
Waist: 34"
Legs: 3' 4"
Shoulder Span: 1' 6"
Build: Medium build / athletic
Hair: brown
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Fair
Height / Weight Proportion: Excellent
Body Hair: Medium
Health History: Excellent
I.Q. Average: 115

Lifestyle Overview

Profession: Self-employed in design, visual arts and web media
Current Earning Rate: $90,000.00
Hobbies: Art | Reading | Writing | Photography | Cooking | Exercise | Chess
Smoking: No
Alchohol: Light social drinker (red wine only)
Other Drugs: No
Criminal Record: No
Overall Personality: Friendly | Creative | Literate | Empathetic | Private | Loyal


Note: I am only interested in non-clinical artificial insemination. Doctor-assisted A.I. is ok, so long as the procedure is relatively quick and non-invasive to my privacy or time. Recipient must understand A.I. is often a repetitive and time-consuming process nonetheless, and I may wish to be compensated financially. Regarding queries of the option for "natural method": I will NOT do this with anyone, due to STD risks to my personal health.